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If you have written a Christmas  poem that you would like to send to Christmas Time, this is the section where it could appear.   All you have to do send it to the following e-mail address. However, we cannot accept more than one poem per person this year. neither can we discuss the suitability of any poem or the duration of publication. The editor's decision is final.  No charge will be made to the author for inclusion and in every case copyright will remain with the author. Any poem may be removed at the author's request, subject to valid proof of identity.


You can mail us at:

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       List of  Poems



A Little Girl's Wish

Darryl Ashton A Child is Born Doris Washington
Full Circle

Sharon Booth The Damaged Teddy Bear David Reeves
See You At Christmas

Joel Bjorling Under The Christmas Tree Joel Bjorling
Christmas Everywhere

Shannon Farlouis To The Herald Angel Trudy Vanderveen
Gift Wrapping Blues Joel Bjorling


Christmas Lights Emily Kraus
Christmas Eve Eve

Joel Djorling A Christmas Time of Year Phyllis Gibson

Lovely Christmas

Have You Seen Christmas?

Rejoice Rejoice

Christmas Today

Tomorrow Is Christmas Day


The Good Husband and His Wife

The Christmas Story

You Are The One

The True Meaning of Christmas

Sandy's Christmas Poem

Christmas Is All About Love

Silver Strands

Christmas Spirit

My Christmas Tree

Family Christmas

Star of Hope

Sitting on Top Of The Christmas Tree

Christmas Senses

I Have Not A Penny

Sounds of Christmas

Christmas Season

Shopping Centre Christmas

December Remembrances

A Christmas Time of Year

Throw Away Christmas

Tinsel Truth

A Christmas Wish

I Was Just A Little Star

Christmas Used To Mean A Lot

A Christmas Angel

What's Happened To Christmas?

Christmas In The Air

The Old Man

His Regret

Jesus Is More Than Just Christmas

A Man For All Seasons

Seasons Greetings

The Not So Great War

Cherish His Christmas                       

Christmas Angel (The)

Christmas In Edinburgh

Whisper of Wings

Christmas Jamming


Eve Strunk

Mark S. Streuber

Daisy Martin

Valeria Mighill

Line Prasad

Daniel Harrison

Paul Curtis

Mary Long

Usha Kishore

Brian K. Walters

Sandy Wayne

Christine Whild

Paul Curtis

Roger W Hancock

Abe Jones

Roger W Hancock

Abe Jones

Pamela Lutwych 

Abe Jones

Jim Delahanty

Abe Jones

Christopher Wheeler

Lorri Spring

Paul Curtis

Phyllis Gibson

Paul Curtis

Ted Glines

Angela Nuzzo

Amy Lane

Jeff Newcomb

Vicki Edwards

Peggy Bishop

Amy Lane

Judith DeLaHunt

Carol E. Grant

Carol E. Grant

Paul Curtis

Paul Curtis

Paul Curtis

by Roger J. Robicheau

by Tamara Beryl Latham

by Juliet Wilson

by B.J. Pearce

by Paul Curtis


What Happens Christmas Night

A Christmas Prayer

Christmas Revenge


Nativity Play

My Favourite Time of Year

Rebecca's Gift

In David's Little Town

Our Joy Made Complete

Mr Glisten Comes To Town


Christmas Folly

Christmas Spree

God Incarnate

Christmas Eve

I Have Not A Penny

All of God's Creatures

Christmas Wish

On Christmas Eve Morn

Dear Santa

Christmas Morning

Christmas Is

Full of Christmas Spirit

Once Upon A Christmastime

This Christmas Time

Last Christmas Day

Twelve Days 'Till Christmas

Hidden In The Closet

The Christmas Star

The Holy Family

Through Christmas

The Holy Family

The Miracles of Snow

Thoughts of You Friend

The Christmas Present

The Simplicity of Christmas

Advent Song

A Little Late

Denton Tap & Sandy Lake

The Disgruntled Elves

Oh Little Child

Christmas Star

Christmas In The Country


Margaret Fieland

Doris Washington

Anthony Morence

Mary Williams

Frank Lewis

Sammy Magdelin

Joel Bjorling

Ellen Lederer Brauza

Adriel Kuek & Priscilla Chua

Curtis Paulson

Curtis Paulson

Paul Curtis

Abe Jones

Dave Jones

Abe Jones

Jim Delahanty

Abe Jones

Jerry Young

Marcia Miller-Twiford

Abe Jones

Lauren Balut

Marcia Miller-Twiford

Paul Curtis

Annette H Baldao

Paul Curtis

Tasmin Tredinnick

Kevin Morphis

Tina Hummell

Carol E. Grant

Nancy A. Kimbrough

Patti Hanzell

Sue Hazell

Debra Woodard

Patty Samyn

Billy M Smallwood

by Mary McDonnell

by Leo Mullan

by Gordon Roll

by Hubert Wilson

by Leo Mullan

by Roger J. Robicheau

by Tom Krause

by Tom Krause




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