Christmas Today
Valerie Mighall


Do not wish me happy Christmas
For it may offend they say.
When you greet me in the street
Just say Happy Holiday!
Go and sing some festive carols
Help to get you in the mood
Not in church but down the pub
Wash them down with drink and food.

Have you brought your gifts and chocolates
Shopping now is not that hard.
Sit in front of your computer
Stick it on your credit card.
Once you feasted on roast chicken
That your Father had to pluck.
Now its turkey plump and golden
Stuffed inside with goose and duck.

Christmas starts in shops in August
Advent seems to be no more.
Christ’s forgotten in this season
With countdown calendars on the door.
In this economic climate
Keep on spending, do not fear
That you’re buying with your plastic
You can spread the cost next year.

Festive jingles fill the air
Houses and gardens brightly are lit
Shops encourage you keep up the spending
Santas in grottos they patiently sit.
E cards filling up your inbox
Bring down the plastic holly and tree
Display your collection of musical snowmen
And even that cute nativity.

As you place the Eastern figures
Does something stir long lost within?
Of the journey to the stable
And the baby born a King.
Should we ask our friends and children
Have we really lost our way.
For it is the birth of Jesus
That we celebrate this day.

We must tell the politicians
Let us stop all this “pc”
Come let’s  worship Christ our Saviour
Down upon our bended knee.
Fill the churches, sing the carols
Hope can shine for all to see.
Forget about the constant spending
Love is here and it is free.                    


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