The Last Present under the Christmas Tree

Joel Bjorling


There is one last present under the Christmas tree,
I wonder whose it is?
Is it for the little girl with the rocking horse,
Or is it for Grandma or Aunt Liz?
It looks so lonely,
Sitting there by itself;
Itd certainly be an awesome addition 
On "somebody's" shelf.

The ribbon is gold,
The paper is paisley red;
Who does it belong to?
Keeps rattling in my head;
I decided to snatch a peek,
And see whose name is on the card;
Itd only take a second,
It wont be very hard.

 When no one was looking,
I reached under the tree,
Carefully handling the package
"Who knows, it may be for me!"
But when I read the card,
I thought it was extraordinarily odd
Because the message read,
"Love and blessings", God.


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