Christmas Poetry


This part of Christmas Time is devoted to Christmas related poetry by past and contemporary poets.  


I 'm  sorry to say I can no longer publish poems from new visitors. Al.


Christmas Poems 

Advent 1955

John Betjeman

My Poem

Chris Dalton
We Won't Have A Christmas This Year
Verna S. Teeuwissen
The Tinkling of a Bell

Chrissie McLoughlin

The Magic of Christmas 

Tom Krause

Under The Christmas Tree

Joel Bjorling

Stephen Leake

Talking Turkeys

Benjamin Zephania

John Betjeman
  Goodwill To Men 
- Give Us Your Money
Pam Ayres

Falling Snow

Alan Williams

Time for Sharing

Barbara Laughlin

Talking Turkeys

Benjamin Zephania
The Promise

Alan Williams

A Christmas Lesson

Tom Krause

All Those Amazing Dreams

Alan Williams

First Light

Stephen Leake


Stephen Leake


U.A. Fanthorpe

While Shepherds Slept

Chris Pearson


Stephen Leake

Preparing the Bird

Curtis Paulson

The Silent Dawn

Paul Curtis
The Starry Night

John Masefield

 Winter Poem

Laurie Lee

I Keep My Snowman In The Freezer
Ian McMillan

Stephen Leake

Just The Two Of Us

Alan Williams

Christmas 1914

Mike Harding


Stephen Leake

Something For The Children
Patricia Harewood
Carol of the Bells

Paul Curtis

 Back Home With Us 
For Christmas
Alan Williams
 The Wicked Fairy At The Manger
U.A. Fanthorpe
The Christmas Herald

Curtis Paulson

Christmas Envelopes

U.A. Fanthorpe
It's Christmas Time Again 
Bob Lazzar-Atwood
  Hunger Hill

Alan Williams

Heaven On Earth

John Greenleaf Whittier

The Angel Lady

Bob Lazzar-Atwood

Let Me Come In

Richard Bugg

 The Gift

Marion Caragounis

What The Donkey Saw

U.A. Fanthorpe
 Keeping Christmas

Verna S. Teeuwissen
  The Christmas Postman

Alan Williams
Full Of Christmas Spirit

Paul Curtis

Christmas Market

Mike Harding


My Night With Santa

Bob Lazzar-Atwood


A Christmas Carol

Christina Rossetti


John Clare

U.A. Fanthorpe


William Shakespeare

For The Children Or The Grown-ups?
P.S. To Santa

Ivor Davis

Holy Night

Elizabeth Barrett Browning


John Clare

The 365 Days Of Christmas

Elvis McGonagall

  Christmas List 2008

Tomi Fratto



John Donne

Greetings to the World

Paul Curtis

Little Donkey

Eric Boswell

Christmas Surprise

Mike Agius

 The Bird Of Dawning

William Shakespeare

 Voices In The Mist

Alfred, Lord Tennyson


Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The Twelve Days Of Christmas
 Just Like Jesus

Mike Agius

Roman Thank You Letter

James Mitchie (trans.)

In The Workhouse

George R. Sims
Snowman Blues

Paul Curtis


Melanie Wood

Christmas Shocking

Paul Curtis

  Make We Merry

I Sing Of A Maiden

 Christmas Bells

Henry W. Longfellow
 Why Birds Signal

Joseph Weismantel

 Softly The Night Is Sleeping

The Biggest Star

John L Sarna

Christmas in Envelopes



Walter de la Mare

Christmas Is Coming 


 The Birds' Carol

Traditional (Czech)
Reindeer Report


Christmas Eve

Julie Lineker
Carol, For Candlemass Day


Now Thrice Welcome Christmas

The Christmas Pudding

The Friendly Beasts


Sir Walter Scott
The First Tree In The Greenwood
 The Reckoning


The Christmas Blessing


The Spirit Of Christmas

Advice From Poor Robin's Almanac
The New Year


Now That The Time Is Come
Christmas Chill

Paul Curtis

Open House


St. Stephen Was A Clerk


Old Year

John Clare

A Mother's Christmas Tale

Paul Curtis
  Santa's New Idea

Christmas Presents

Have You Seen Christmas

Mark Streuber
From A Treetop

Kathy Carter

Camden Christmas

Ann Marie Donohoe

The Road To Bethlehem


 In The Town


The Featured Poem


 Advent 1955


John Betjeman


The Advent wind begins to stir
With sea-like sounds in our Scotch fir,
It's dark at breakfast, dark at tea,
And in between we only see
Clouds hurrying across the sky
And rain-wet roads the wind blows dry
And branches bending to the gale
Against great skies all silver pale
The world seems travelling into space,
And travelling at a faster pace
Than in the leisured summer weather
When we and it sit out together,
For now we feel the world spin round
On some momentous journey bound -
Journey to what? to whom? to where?
The Advent bells call out 'Prepare,
Your world is journeying to the birth
Of God made Man for us on earth.'
And how, in fact, do we prepare
The great day that waits us there -
For the twenty-fifth day of December,
The birth of Christ? For some it means
An interchange of hunting scenes
On coloured cards, And I remember
Last year I sent out twenty yards,
Laid end to end, of Christmas cards
To people that I scarcely know -
They'd sent a card to me, and so
I had to send one back. Oh dear!
Is this a form of Christmas cheer?
Or is it, which is less surprising,
My pride gone in for advertising?
The only cards that really count
Are that extremely small amount
From real friends who keep in touch
And are not rich but love us much
Some ways indeed are very odd
By which we hail the birth of God.
We raise the price of things in shops,
We give plain boxes fancy tops
And lines which traders cannot sell
Thus parcell'd go extremely well
We dole out bribes we call a present
To those to whom we must be pleasant
For business reasons. Our defence is
These bribes are charged against expenses
And bring relief in Income Tax
Enough of these unworthy cracks!
'The time draws near the birth of Christ'.
A present that cannot be priced
Given two thousand years ago
Yet if God had not given so
He still would be a distant stranger
And not the Baby in the manger.


Christmas Poetry Books

"The Oxford Book Of Christmas Poems"   

This is a lovely book of Christmas poems, suitable for children as well as adults, It contains many excellent illustrations and some of the poems in "Christmas Pie" section of the Christmas-time site are also contained within this book. The editors, Michael Harrison and Christopher Stuart-Clark, obviously have excellent taste.

This is a lovely book of Christmas poems, suitable for children as well as adults, It contains many excellent illustrations and some of the poems in "Christmas Pie" section of the Christmas-time site are also contained within this book. The editors, Michael Harrison and Christopher Stuart-Clark, obviously have excellent taste. 
'This is a superb collection: serious and funny, meditative and prayerful, narrative and in song-form. The illustrations by many artists are beautiful .... an excellent gift.' The Malvern Gazette.


"A Child's Christmas In Wales"  by Dylan Thomas.  

This is one of my very favorite books, full of language that I never grow tired of. It is beautiful and if you don't own a copy already buy one immediately and put a smile on your Christmas.
You will find more information about this book in the prose section of this web-site. It is basically a celebration of the author's childhood and Christmas in a small Welsh town and contains some of the most charming and endearing stories ever written on the subject of Christmas. No one should be without a copy of this beautiful little book at Christmas.

Other books by Dylan Thomas


"The Young Oxford Book of Christmas Poems" Michael Harrison & Christopher Start-Clark Editors. 

Don't be misled by the title. This is a book to be enjoyed by poetry lovers of all ages who are susceptible to the magic of Christmas. Any poetry book that includes W.H.Auden's "Well, So That Is That" can't be just a kid's book. It really is a wonderful collection of Christmas Poetry with works from such poets as Blake, Clare, Donne, Herrick, Stevenson, de la Mare, Hardy and Rosetti as well as more contemporary writers including Dylan Thomas, John Hedgley, Charles Causley, Sylvia Plath, U.A. Fanthorpe and Ted Hughes. This is an excellent source of material for anyone putting together a rehearsed reading as a Christmas Entertainment ......... as of course are the Christmas Poetry and Christmas Prose sections of the Christmas-Time web site. 

"The Works" by Pam Ayres. 

A collection of the poetry by Pam Ayres, this book offers an amalgamation of all her works up to the time this book was published. Her poems take a humorous and honest look at life's pleasures and tribulations and includes such poems as "Goodwill To Men - Give Us Your Money", "Oh I Wish I'd Looked After me Teeth" and "Do You Think Bruce Springsteen Would Fancy Me?".

Other books by Pam Ayres


John Betjeman's Collected Poems Price 

"Collected Poems" made publishing history when it first appeared and has sold over two million copies. This edition includes "Uncollected Poems" (the last of the individual volumes not included in the previous edition) and also two additional unpublished poems. This is a wonderful collection of meaningful and accessible poetry, including "Advent 1955" and "Christmas", that is a must for any personal library. 

Other books by John Betjeman



"Christmas Poems" An Anthology by Gaby Morgan

A wonderful anthology of beautiful new and classic poems, carols and hymns for Christmas. It captures all the emotion and excitement of the festive season, from anticipation to enjoyment, to the joy of the New Year. Christmas is coming, The geese are getting fat, Please to put a penny In the old man's hat. If you haven't got a penny, A ha'penny will do; If you haven't got a ha'penny, Then God bless you! Anon.


"Christmas Poems"  by U.A. Fanthorpe This collection brings together the poems U.A. Fanthorpe has been sending out to friends as Christmas cards since 1974. Now readers can enjoy Fanthorpe's yearly output in its entirety, including some previously unpublished poems. Her subject matter covers a broad range of seasonal characters, from angels to personified Christmas trees, and a variety of styles to match.
"If you love or hate Christmas, believe or disbelieve passionately, or simply value short, pithy poems, this book will surely be a treasure for you. It's funny, irreverent and godly all at once. Can be given to the aged aunt or the stroppy brat in the sure knowledge that it will make both chuckle and feel it was written for them. I have bought 3 copies (and no, I don't know the author!)"

Other books by U.A. Fanthorpe


 "My First Book OF Christmas Poems"  John Foster (Editor)

Put a little bit of sparkle into your Christmas with this glittering collection. Richly illustrated and beautifully designed, this book is a present you will want to open over and over again. There are poems about everything you can think of to do with Christmas - from decorations to food, from parties to presents, and of course the real reason for the celebrations. A festive feast for the eyes and for the imagination.A wide-ranging, balanced, and lively collection, with contributions from AA Milne, Tony Mitton, Berlie Doherty and Alfred, Lord Tennyson, Illustrated in zinging, jewel-like colour with tremendous charm and energy.


" The Brink"  by Jacob Polley  

This is the debut collection from the poet considered to be the new Paul Farley. Jacob Polley already has a formidable reputation as one of the sharpest and most unusual new voices to have appeared on the scene in many years. Now, with the publication of his first collection, "The Brink", readers will have their first opportunity to see his remarkable transforming imagination in action, where a jar of honey is '... the sun, all flesh and no bones / but for the floating knuckle / of honeycomb / attesting to the nature of the struggle', and a gull's hovering is 'suddenly akin / to dangling on a coat hook / by the back of a coat you're still in'. 
The Christmas connection in this excellent book of outstanding poetry is "Snow". I love it! You can read it now if you take this link 

If you would like to know more about this book or other Pan MacMillan publications you can use  the following link:



 "Talking Turkeys"  by Benjamin Zephaniah  

"Be kind to yu turkeys dis christmas"! Who else but Benjamin Zephaniah lets us know that turkeys 'jus wanna play reggae' and wakes us up to 'Civil Lies'? In my opinion this is an excellent, fun, well-illustrated book. Great for young and old and if you haven't got it yet then may I suggest that you put it on your next birthday list. Nice one Benjamin! Reviewed by Bernie from London.

Other books by Benjamin Zephaniah


"Christmas Please"  Editor: Douglas Brooks-Davies Illust'r: Dovrat Ben-Nahum 

This is a must-have collection of seasonal poems that is worth buying for the stunning watercolour illustrations alone, beautifully created by Dovrat Ben-Nahum. They are all here; the baby Jesus and the three kings, holly and mistletoe, angels and carols, mince pies and gifts in this wonderful selection of poetry on every aspect of Christmas, taken from the whole range of English verse, from the Middle Ages to the present day. There are many delightful poems to please every mood and taste. All you have to do to buy it is click the above illustration. (Sorry, UK only.)

"Beyond The Parasol" by Stephen Leake 

This debut collection gives readers their first chance to see Leake's imagination in action. All the poems contained here were written between September 2003 and May 2004. The symbols and images used tend to harness nature, the sea and scenes from the writer's past. The title poem 'Beyond the Parasol' opens with a series of images which disappear into its final line. This sets the scene for the whole collection. The poems are evanescent with a strong balance between image and idea.

Stephen writes:

 Originally I didn't intend to publish them; mainly because of their autobiographical nature (particularly the ones from 'Ten Minutes Only.') However, the book quickly seemed to shape itself and I thought I'd share the collection with a wider audience. The symbols and images I use tend to harness nature, the sea and observations of everyday people. I have tried to allow each poem to live in its language, using the imagery as a starting point. The title poem opens with a series of pictures, which expand as the poem develops until it disappears into its final line: 'Beyond. Beyond the parasol'. This line sets the scene for the entire collection. Mysteriously absorbing, it reminds us that there is a lot to be discovered in the changing world beyond the four walls we may live in - or, in the case of this poem, beyond the parasol in my own East-End back garden. My hope with this book is that it will be enjoyed and understood by the reader at whatever level. Much contemporary poetry can be pretentious and superficial. I believe this is not the case with this collection. I would like to think that the reader is taken on a journey around the many different aspects of life explored here. The Parasol Poems are not just full of meaning. They are being themselves.

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