Now That The Time Is Come
(c. 1700)


Now that the time is come wherein
   Our Saviour, Christ, was born,
The larder's full of beef and pork,
   The garner's filled with corn;
As God has plenty to thee sent,
   Take comfort in thy labours,
And let it never thee repent
   To feast thy needy neighbours.


Let fires in every chimney be
   That people they may warm them;
Tables with dishes covered -
   Good victuals will not harm them.
With mutton, veal, beef, pig and pork,
   Well furnished every board;
Plum-pudding, furmity and what
   Thy stock will them afford.


No niggard of they liquor be,
   Let it go round thy table;
People may freely drink, but not
   So long as they are able.
Good customs they may be abused,
   Which makes rich men to slack us;
This feast is to relieve the poor
   And not to drunken Bacchus.


Thus if thou doest
'Twill credit raise thee;
God will thee bless
And neighbours praise thee.



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