The Gift

Marion Caragounis

The Gift was wrapped in swaddling clothes
And in a manger laid,
A helpless baby lying there
The love of God portrayed.
The world was dark and quiet, but
The angels couldn’t keep
Their silence any longer as
They watched the nation sleep –
They broke the sky with glory light,
Their praises rang out clear,
They told the watchful shepherds ‘Look
The Gift of God is here.
You’ll find Him in a manger and
One day He’ll grow to be
The Saviour you’ve been waiting for –
The Lord and Christ is He!’

  The Gift was nailed upon a tree
And on His bleeding head
The emblem of His Kingship was
A crown of thorns stained red.
No sound from angel witnesses
As men roared out their scorn,
They knew the Saviour’s time had come –
The reason He’d been born.
The gift of God was life for men,
But first that Life must die –
And Christmas merged with Easter as
The cross was lifted high.


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