The Biggest Star

John L Sarna

Come to me my dearest children
listen as I weave this tale
of a wintry night...a starry sky
and a dark Judean vale

The eastern wind was brisk and chilly
as the shepherd boy lone and cold
scurried near the lofty mountain
searching for his missing fold

His tears flowed down his reddened cheeks
wild terror swept his heart
for a while ago he fell fast asleep
in his olden hay-filled cart

Then as he woke he suddenly knew
his father's sheep were nowhere near
and though there were but just a few
his body shook with grief...then fear

For there was liitle they possessed
this land they loved was tough and bitter
the rains each year fell less and less
and soon it came...the harsh cold winter

The shepherd boy now growing weary
cried out a long and painful wail
and prayed "My God
find my sheep...don't let me fail".

And as he came around the mountain
his heart leapt in great delight
for the biggest star he had ever seen
shone in the heaven dazzling bright

This star had formed a pathway
with its splendorous stream of light
it hovered o'er the sleeping village
and brought daylight to the night

His breath now came fast and heavy
as he gathered all his might
heart pounding he ran quickly
toward the celestial glowing light

Where suddenly the lustrous heavens
the brightened earth...the sky did meet
the shepherd boy beheld a humble manger
an unworldly scene...divine and sweet

There he saw the beaming mother
and a newborn Babe asleep he lay
as the biggest star the boy had ever seen
streamed on his crib of hay

And in that holy stable
he suddenly saw his father's sheep
the lambs he'd thought forever lost
near the baby lay fast asleep

There were other shepherds too
and Wise Men from lands afar
all in reverent exultation
led to Bethlehem by this radiant star

The shepherd boy knelt and praised the Lord
as he heard choirs of angels sing
announcing to the world on this night

Copyright John L Sarna.  All rights reserved. No part of this text may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, in any form, or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission of author.

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