My Poem

Chris Dalton


The world turned as normal
Unaware it balanced on the pivot of time
Somewhere shepherds spun yarns     
On the black, fleecy hillsides
Not knowing the night
Would soon be shafted by angel-light
And glorious news.  

As yet, the cherubim
Hid their faces behind tremulous wings
Poised for flight, holding their breath
Until the drama was played out
And Godís most precious thought
Became reality, gift-wrapped in blood
And waxy flesh.  

Far-away wise men
Searching the skies for their destiny
Waited expectantly, scanning the heavens
For a long-nourished hope.
Suddenly, surprisingly God slipped
Out of the child-brideís womb
And into history.

A brilliant star burst into being
Cherubim sang on the wing
Scattering glory over Bethlehemís hills
God smiled with delight
At what He had conceived and brought forth.
The world turned as normal,
Unaware, it balanced on the pivot of time.


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