Why Birds Signal Changing Directions

Joe Weismantel


                                                        Have you ever wondered why
                                                        Birds change directions to fly
                                                        Up, down, all around the sky
                                                        Have you ever wondered why
                                                        Small birds, large birds, all the same
                                                        So fast, swift, now gone, now came
                                                        Wings outstretch as if to flame
                                                        Point like fingers, never blame
                                                        Soar 'til your heart is content
                                                        Sing "til your soul is extant
                                                        This is a major event
                                                        Jesus, not even a tent
                                                        No birds at manger away
                                                        They're here to signal our way
                                                        Far we come 'cross many bay
                                                        Night now gone, eternal day

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