Something For The Children


Trish Harewood


It is for the children,
Its all for the children!
The green tree  -  the glitter  -
the chocolate sweets that hang
in silver wrappers -
the lights slowly flashing - on  and off  -  on  and off.

- Something for the children is
the pine-needle scent,
the smell of growing,
a branch as nature made it  -  longer than the rest
I wish you could see it!

It is for the children -
a stark tree,
more beautiful than this which fills the corner of the room.
Sheltered by no roof,
hallowed by no garlands,
a bare tree on a hill
hung only with the body of Christ
(perfume of blood decoration of thorns)

I wish you had seen it!
It was for the children
It was all for the children!

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