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One particularly nice thing about Christmas is that most of us have the opportunity of enjoying food that we don't normally eat at any other time of year. It's not just the absence of Christmas delicacies throughout the rest of the year that makes them special, it is also the wonderful richness of the seasonal food. It is the one time of the year when most of us can reassure ourselves with those bold words "What the hell, it's only once a year".

In this section you will find several well tested recipes for items of Christmas food that have been very popular over the years.

Brandy Butter
Frozen Plum Pudding
Christmas Cake
Confectioner's Custard
Derbyshire Thar Cake
A Dish For A Poet

Christmas Pudding
Almond Paste
Cranberry Sauce
Flaming Brandy
Non-Fat Pudding
Christmas in the Castle

Figgy Pudding
Royal Icing
Our Favourite Pudding
Turkey Stock 
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