Christmas Pie
(A Christmas Entertainment)


'Christmas Pie' is an entertainment that has been performed in the church of our tiny hamlet for many years. It is a programme of poetry and prose, presented as a rehearsed reading, interspersed with seasonal music, which in our case comes from a local choir. However, carols sung by the audience can be just as effective.

Before the performance of "Christmas Pie" we always present a medieval Mummers Play, and this link will take you to a script of this ancient custom. After the show we have a party with lots of food, drink and music. It is always a jolly and nostalgic occasion that puts everyone in the right frame of mind to enjoy a happy and meaningful Christmas.

You can view the sample Programme Contents of a rehearsed reading entertainment called "Christmas Pie", which is compiled from items of prose, poetry, history and music contained within this web-site.'

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